So you wanna be Parisian?

The hairflip

Parisian girls are renowned for having this effortless, timeless style, which depending on where you are, it’s kind of true. But there is one thing that is universal- playing with hair. Oh, yeah.

To start off with my “So you wanna be Parisian?” series, I believe the hairflip is the most important aspect to begin with. Not all French girls know about cheese, but they do have hair (allô quoi).

In the States Miami, people pat their extensions, flick the ends of the hair, and, if you’re lucky, you can even see us mamis running a hand over the length of our tresses to show contempt.

Thank you, New York, you’re a dear.

In this part of the world, however, they have their own signature move.

Now, this one does not discriminate social class, status, nor background. It is, like all things french, based on the concept of égalité. You will find it at universities, cafés, the métro, the line to get welfare assistance.

So, enough of my rambling! How do we do it?
Why, it’s quite simple, but it adds a certain je ne sais quoi to your attitude that will fool people into thinking you’re Parisian! Ok, or not.

Step 1:  Tilt your head to one side.

Possessed look is totally in for Fall 2014.

Possessed look is totally in for Fall 2014

Step 2: (a) Take your hand from that same tilt side, without any shame, and (b) bring it to the back of your neck of the opposite side (through the front, lest you look like a mess).




(b) Easy-peacy

Step 3: Grab your hair like the wild, wild animal you are and bring it all to the opposite side. Be unapologetic, be messy.

Photo on 9-4-14 at 6.03 PM #3


Let your tussled locks stray into their new position- the most sought-after style is, of course, the I-just-read-a-whole-tome-of-foundations-of-humanism-omg-im-très-smart.

Photo on 9-4-14 at 6.05 PM #2


Congratulations, you can flip hair with panache and joie de vivre.

If you like to live on the edge, I recommend The Advanced Hairflip: The Cigarette Multitasker.
Repeat Steps 1-3 holding a cigarette on the dominant hand. Because hair grows back, but you only live once.

Now, go and show off your Parisian hair flipping skills to the world!
(And tell me what quirks you’ve noticed in your town!)